Saturday, May 2, 2009

Max Indian, Cirkus, And More...

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New to Comboland Radio's playlist is Max Indian. I read about their CD on Peter Holsapple's blog and decided to give it a listen. It's very good! Great hooks, neat lyrics. The recording itself is not what I am used to but it doesn't matter. The songs are good and the production quality may even be an enhancement of sorts. Still I would like to hear what Jamie Hoover, Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey or Don Dixon (or a combination!) could do in the studio with these guys. It is a good CD as it is and I am happy Peter wrote about it or I would not have known about Max Indian.

I have a backlog of stuff to add to the ever expanding playlist. I have been sitting on Will Rigby's CD for a while and finally got a couple of cuts in the database. I was contacted by the band "Blister" and hope to get some new Raleigh Punk on soon.

Cirkus has a reunion gig coming up on May 8th at The Brewery. They played A BUNCH all over the Southeast in the 70's and 80's. In talking with Sean and Steve I did not realize that very little recorded material exists from the band. The best example is from the WROQ LP of a live concert at Carowinds. There were 2 songs from each band which also included Sugarcreek, The Vandals, and a couple of others. The recording was excellent and I sure would know where the masters to THAT are!! I know they recorded a lot more songs than were released on that LP. The 2 Cirkus songs are hot, both are featured on Comboland Radio. If you want to hear some great NC Rock be at the Brewery May 8th and help original lead vocalist Steve Quinney celebrate his 60th birthday and take part in the Cirkus Reunion.

I continue to search for older Comboland music to fill gaps in the library. I had a bunch of stuff in my personal collection but not everything. It has been surprising how much I have been able to find, primarily on eBay. I never had a copy of the H-Bombs but found one and it is on the way!! It'll be on soon, maybe next week.'

I continue to search out new bands too. You can help out by suggesting one or two, of if YOU are a band member/artist just drop me an email. Remember Comboland Radio is devoted to the Rock music scene form the Carolinas, and we do spill over into Virginia. I also suggest that you spend a little time listening to the station to get an idea of the overall sound to see if you fit.

Listen to Comboland Radio often. Top Friend us and tell folks your songs are being played on Comboland Radio!!

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