Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just In Time For Memorial Day, New Music!

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Just in time for the holiday weekend there is a load of new music on Comboland Radio.

First is a band from Raleigh that discovered the station on their own. Blister is punk at it's punkiest. They have a new CD that is being released today!! they also have a gig planned for tonight! Go to their MySpace page for all of the info. And listen for Blister on Comboland Radio.

Second is another Triangle area band that found the station months ago. They made an inquiry and somehow we lost touch. I did find their CD on CD Baby and added 3 tunes from Gray Young's Firmament CD to Comboland Radio. This CD has received some good reviews and was a pick of the week on WKNC. They have a bunch of gigs coming up so go see them! Their CD or MP3 Download are both available from CD Baby.

Yet a third band that found Comboland Radio and contacted me.... this one from the Charlotte area, Newton to be exact. Leaving Venus has an EP out which is available from their MySpace page. You will also find details about their show in Hickory on May 30th.

I have a TON of music lying around!! So much that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming. Comboland Radio actually came together relatively quick when you understand how much work is involved in putting any radio station together. Now it did sort of develop and morph along the way. Also along the way I would start something and get distracted by the day job, or life. I know I have a few pieces of vinyl about halfway through the restoration process. When completed you'll hear them on Comboland Radio. I also went through a period where I was filling in holes in my collection (a never-ending process) and have some things, mainly downloads, that I had forgotten about. One of those was Jamie Hoover's "Coupons Questions and Comments". What a great CD!! This thing is full of songs that should have been hits! It is available from CD Baby and elsewhere.

I also add some tunes from the Jamie Hoover and Bill Lloyd recording "Paparazzi" which is superb as well. It's on the Paisley Pop label and still available at all of the usual places.

Before The War began "Waving The White" they called themselves "Starting Tuesday" and released a CD in 2005. It's another one I downloaded and forgot about. Now you'll start to hear a few tunes on Comboland Radio.

It is a big auto racing weekend. The big Coca Cola 600 from Charlotte, and the Indianapolis 500 from one of the most historic racing facilities in the world. And speaking of the Indy 500 this would be a good time for you to check out The Oak Team's "Indy 500" on the new CD "National Champions" available from the usual places, and at Doublenaught Records Dot Com!

Now.... Go Listen!! And tell 5 people this week about Comboland Radio!!

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