Wednesday, May 13, 2009

arrogance @ 40 - The Video!

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I have often touted Steve Boyle's website "Return To Comboland". I have links to it in several places on the website and on my blog pages. If you haven't visited the site yet boy are you in for a surprise! This was one of the first sites I found when I began researching for the launch of Comboland Radio. Steve has some real gems on the site. And even though, like me, he has a day job that keeps him very busy he does find time to edit up the video in his vault so we can all enjoy it.

New on the Return To Comboland Site is Part 1 of arrogance @ 40. If you went to the show you can get a great close-up look at the show. If you missed it you can see for yourself how much fun everyone was having and why you should have been there. The video itself is just over nine minutes long and seems to cover most of the first part of the show, with the exception of the original arrogance line-up's performance. The video is in the same style as the others on the site and is part of Steve's documentary on the first era of Comboland. His work, as with all of the other shorts, is fabulous. I can't wait for Part 2, and 3, and... Go to the Return To Comboland site and watch for yourself.

Steve, like myself, read into Dixon's blog that a semi-retirement for him may very well be on the horizon. He and I are both fans and hope Dixon, or any of the Comboland performers, never has to slow down. And I have heard from a reliable source that there WILL be other arrogance shows. Still you should go see Dixon while he is still performing. Maybe if enough people turn out at the 4 upcoming shows he will feel differently about his future. If nothing else you'll get to see a great performer and have a good time. The upcoming shows are Dixon and the Hanging Chads are playing in Charlotte at The Evening Muse on Friday, May 15th, Dixon Solo in Winston-Salem on May 22nd and in York, SC on June 6th, and with the Jump Rabbits are playing on June 12th. Click on the links for complete details. Go see Dixon if you can.

I got a mailer full of Cd's from Blister, and punk rock band out of Raleigh the other day. I will be working on adding their music to the playlist and will hopefully have some in the playlist before the weekend gets here. They have a new CD coming out and a CD Release Party coming up on May 23rd. I'm hoping to get some tunes from Leaving Venus too.

Listen to Comboland Radio and please tell another person you know about it.

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