Friday, May 29, 2009

Arrogance @ 40 and The Othermothers

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The Othermothers from Greensboro were one of my favorite bands in the 80's. I didn't learn about them until Robert Kirkland and Steve Haigler started recording the sessions for their EP on "Making Waves" (the same label that "Greetings From Comboland" was on) which was titled "No Place Like Home". Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios in Charlotte, that is one rockin' record. "Rodeo... 88 seconds" was the hit but "Napalm Beach", "You and Yours", "Party Topics" well hell they're all good tunes. They were certainly a high energy band. Let me rephrase that... They ARE a high energy band and the proof is the video on YouTube shot at their gig at The Green Bean in April.

They can still wail away, which is really saying something with the tempo and intensity of some of their tunes. See them play again on June 20th at the Blind Tiger. See their MySpace page for all of the info. Love that SR-51 Blackbird on the poster!

Arrogance will continue their 40th Anniversary celebration on September 19th with a gig at The Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, being called a "Birthday Bash". I don't have too many details yet but I do know that Jim Glasgow and Mike Greer are planning to be there to re-join the boys again as will percussionist Ogie Shaw who was a member when the first LP, "Give Us A Break" was recorded. There will be an official announcement next week and maybe some additional info then. But I am sure we will get more as we get closer to the show. Early details should be released during the first week of June.

If you missed the arrogance @ 40 show at the Carolina Theatre in March then here is your chance to make up for that serious lapse in judgment. Go to the Comboland Radio Facebook page and check out the pictures of that show. Go to the "Return To Comboland" website and check out Steve Boyle's video. Man was it fun with some incredible music by all. I don't yet know what this show might bring in the way of special guests but there were some great ones at the March show. Plus arrogance sounded great!! You can get more info as it is released at the arrogance website, the arrogance MySpace page, and OF COURSE at Comboland Radio!!!

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