Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's GOLD in them thar LP's!!!

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Stock prices are down. Real estate has hit rock bottom. BUT if you still have you vinyl copy of Arrogance's "Lively" it could be time to cash in!! I was checking on some items on eBay and came across an auction for this classic LP and the price... Buy It Now for $227.77! Click here if you don't believe me! Uh.... NO I am not the seller. It is complete... has the "Dogbreath" EP and the sheet from Notorious listing the other merchandise for sale. Now don't every body flood the market at once. That will just bring the price down! Then we'll have an LP recession and have to get a bailout. (Hmm... I may have just figured out a way to make some dough!) High prices for certain LPs and CDs aren't uncommon. A few years ago an IRS copy of Let's Active's Afoot/Cypress CD was going for nearly $200. The price came down to earth once this was re-released on the "Collectors Choice" label, where it is still available. Now... if $227.77 is a bit steep and you just want clean copies of the songs you can buy them at a VERY reasonable price from the Comboland Radio Music Store. Every Arrogance recording, except "Suddenly", is available as a high quality MP3 download.

I also found a vinyl copy of "Rumors" from Arrogance for sale at a more reasonable 19.99. The listing says the LP features the "ULTRA RARE MONSTER DRUM BREAK LP **LISTEN". Someone may need to educate me on this as it is new to me! The 5'11" CD is on eBay for $75, and there are several "Suddenly" LP's available but at very low prices. This seems odd as "Suddenly" is the Arrogance recording I get the most questions about, yet I see vinyl copies on eBay on a frequent basis. I bought a sealed copy a few years ago for 9.99.

And there is a vinyl copy of "Give Us A Break" for sale. Now this is rare and the price is $300. Again, if you just want the songs this LP is available as and MP3 download from the Comboland Radio Music Store and includes both sides of the extremely rare first Arrogance single.

So if you have a working turntable there are a few LPs available that you might be interested in. If not you may be sitting on a gold mine!

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