Friday, May 8, 2009

Dixon News... Good and Bad...

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The good news is Don Dixon has a book coming out. It's entitled "Songs 101 - The Lyrics of Don Dixon". The bad news is that Don says he is finished as a performer.

The book sounds cool. If you are a fan of Dixon's work and have always appreciated the lyrical content of his songs then this is a must have. Pre-order and Dixon says he will inscribe it to you or a friend. The page on his web site has all of the info and some early reviews. I'm ordering mine this weekend.

The blog entry on MySpace makes me sad.... and a bit mad. Sad for Don as I know how much he enjoys performing. I mean you can tell it when he is on the stage. I'm not sure he enjoys all of the BS and minutia he has to deal with beforehand but on stage has seems very happy. I'm sad because as a fan I know that I may not have too many more chances to see and hear him perform. I'm also sad because he seems to feel that way about his decision. In a few short sentences he talks about the fun he has had recently and that he will now have to quit doing what he loves.

I was at the arrogance @ 40 show in March. If you told me that night was Dixon was going to write in this blog I would have said you were crazy. The performance was good and everyone had a great time. If anything I would have expected to read about an upcoming show or 2. Not this. I can only hope that something will happen to change his mind. I'm sure we share many of the same medications as we both have a similar health condition. Get your doctor to check those meds Dixon. They can mess with you mind! Yes I can hope.... but in my heart I also understand. And THAT is what makes me mad.

In this digital world many of the things we are fond of are slipping away. Music may be one of them. It has never been an easy life. Most of the musicians on Comboland Radio have eked out a living but they never got rich. Most have had to get "day jobs" to support themselves. A few have been able to find other avenues in the music biz to keep them going. The digital download era we are now in has its pluses and minuses. It is easier to get your product out to the fans. It is also easier to make copies of the song and share them with friends, leaving the artist out. That is not good for anyone. Sure some people get free music but if that happens often enough the artist gets to the point where they can't make a living playing/writing music anymore and has to so something else. Playing at the size venues Dixon has been playing for the past few years won't make you rich either. There are costs involved in playing these gigs. A musician is also a business person. If you can't make a bit of money doing something then you are probably better off doing something else.

Another part of this that makes me mad is the belief I had that my generation would not be as much like those before and loose interest in music as we got older. Not all of us did... but the majority seems to have. I am not condemning anyone.... that's just the way it is. Life happens and interests and priorities change. It's happened before and probably will again.

Don Dixon, and many others, have given us all a gift. We will have their recorded music to listen to and enjoy. All of us arrogance fans have access to nearly everything the band recorded. If you don't own digital copies I encourage you to buy them now. Dixon's library is still mostly available. Buy those too and support his music. Any band you enjoy you should buy their music and urge your friends to do the same. Resist the urge to make copies. Your favorite bands will be around a lot longer if they can make a living doing what they love.

By the way Dixon and the Hanging Chads are playing in Charlotte on May 15th, Dixon Solo in Winston-Salem on May 22nd and in York, SC on June 6th, and with the Jump Rabbits are playing on June 12th. Go see Dixon if you can.

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