Monday, April 20, 2009

New Spongetones CD!!!

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The Spongetones have a new CD out!!! The title is "Scrambled Eggs" and is on Jamie Hoover's "Loaded Goat" records. 13 cuts of new Spongetones material... and it's fab indeed!! Grab it from CD Baby along with other great Cd's from the Spongetones. My 2 faves are "All The Loving" and "Lost Weekend". As usual the musicianship and production on Scrambled Eggs is superb. Jamie Hoover has had a ton of practice in his production techniques but I continue to be amazed at how good his records sound. Even going back to the Sugarcreek stuff he did with Mark Williams his records have a rockin' sound that is not overdone. Loud but not harsh... full but not squashed. They sound great! Jamie is a prolific songwriter too and just keeps coming up with cool lyrics and great hooks. If you are new to the Comboland scene and the Spongetones the new record is a great place to start. Then you can start seeking out their catalogue items and Jamie's solo work, The Van Deleckies, The Jump Rabbits (with Don Dixon and Jim Brock) and you won't find a stinker in the bunch! Get Scrambled Eggs from the Spongetones today from CD Baby.

Comboland Radio is also playing new cuts from Hammer No More The Finger's new CD "Looking For Bruce". This is the second release from the 3 piece group from Durham. Their first CD got a bunch of airplay on CR and we are currently playing two cuts from the new CD in our "heavy current" rotation. This is a band you should have no trouble seeing live as their show schedule seems never-ending. Go to their MySpace page and just look at all of the gigs they have lined up between now and July.

I got an email from the Facebook Group for the dB's announcing that Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey will have a CD release show on June 27th at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. hERE aND nOW is coming put on Bar None Records and if the taste of it we got from the arrogance @ 40 show is any indication it should be great! Someone on the dB's message board gave a URL to a "micro-site" for the CD, and from there is a link to a new site Peter appears to be working on.

The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team has a batch of new shows to announce. Check out Terry's blog, the Doublenaught Records site or the MySpace page for details. I continue to enjoy the new "National Champions" CD and have turned on several folks to it. And they have actually gone to the website and purchased the CD!!! Uh... no I don't make copies for people because the bands/artists actually use the money they make on CD's to enable them to make new music for future CD's/downloads. And remember the CD "officially" goes on sale at Amazon tomorrow (April 21st).

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  1. I agree with all that you wrote about Jamie and will also add that he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!

    For Spongetones fans, you may enjoy this new blog that I've started about them: