Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dillon Fence Plays The Cradle!!

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Dillon Fence fans need to head to the Cat's Cradle this Saturday Night for the Mammoth Records 21st Birthday Party. Greg Humphreys and his band mates are getting together for the celebration! There will be other Mammoth artists appearing so go to the Cat's Cradle web site to get the info. Get tickets there too.

Greg has some additional gigs coming up both solo and with Hobex. 2 of the Hobex gigs are in Raleigh at The Brennan Station Concert Series on Saturday May 2nd, then at Bandtogether on June 6th at/in front of the Lincoln Theater. to to the Hobex web site and Greg's site for even more, including a stream of his most recent release "Trunk Songs".

Email me updates on what you have going on and I'll gladly pass the word. My crazy day job makes it nearly impossible at this point in time for me to search out info like this.

And... listen to Comboland Radio. Tell all of your friends and fans too so we can promote ALL of our music.

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