Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HNMTF - The OAK Team - The Othermothers!!!!

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The new CD from Hammer No More The Fingers is now out and available from the usual places. (I still prefer Amazon for downloads.) They have had some of the new cuts playing on their MySpace page for awhile so you may have heard some of the tunes already. Great CD!! Go download it now. Not only will you add some great tunes to your collection but you'll help out a great local band as well. You might even become a fan and decide to go see one of their many appearances! HNMTF is very active and usually playing somewhere. Maybe that's one of the reasons the level of musicianship is so good on their recordings. Download "Looking For Bruce" today!!

Speaking of Amazon I got an email from them today alerting me of the new CD from "Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team". They said I could pre-order it from them for the April 21st release date. I hope that went to a ton of their customers. Of course WE all know that the CD is already available directly from Doublenaught Records. This is another "must have" CD from a Comboland band.

The Othermothers are back!!!! Their lone LP "No Place Like Home" on the "Making Waves" label is a staple on Comboland Radio. They were early supporters of Comboland Radio and continue to keep us as a top friend. I really hate I will have to miss this show. It is April 11th (this Saturday... at least from the time this note was written) at The Green Bean on South Elm Street in Greensboro. Go see them!!

And remember these great bands and TONS of others are heard every hour of every day on Comboland Radio.

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