Saturday, March 28, 2009

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I am still mentally reliving the experience that was arrogance @ 40. Those who missed it missed one great show. The sound was good. The venue was great... although I don't think they understand indie rock shows. The crowd was well behaved.... partially because we're old! But we can still rock when we want too. The performers certainly proved that!

Backstage a quick conversation or two popped up about doing a "Comboland" show. Scott Davison mentioned it to me as an idea. To do a show featuring some of the bands from the 70's and 80's would be fun. A lot of the musicians are still playing. Maybe some of those who aren't, or who only come out every 7 years or so (Debra) could be coaxed on-stage for an event like this.

So who would you like to see? I'm not going to give any suggestions... but I will say there are a handful of bands that I always get questions about so I do know of a few that would be a good draw. But.... who would YOU like to see on-stage?

If you were at the arrogance @ 40 show I know you will have an opinion. Don't be shy. Give me a group or two. I make no promises about a future show. But I will push the right people who CAN make one happen!

On the new music front Hammer No More The Fingers has a new CD coming out April 7th. This was one of the first new bands I added to the station. Cuts from the upcoming CD are on their MySpace page. GOOD STUFF. Listen for it soon on Comboland Radio, and pre-order the CD now.

And if you STILL have not heard tunes from The OAK Team's CD "National Champions" you don't know what you're missing. Go get it at Doublenaught Records. Hear cuts on Comboland Radio!!

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