Saturday, April 2, 2011

eBay Finds! Othermothers SCOTS

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While the Comboland Radio library is somewhat impressive (to people who are into the regional rock music scene… maybe 5 people?) there are still items on my musical “want list”. eBay is still the primary spot for finding the obscure music I am looking for, however I have discovered a couple of non-eBay sites for vinyl and CDs.

Recent non-eBay finds include a 45 by Greensboro’s Othermothers. This pre-dates their Making Waves released EP “No Place Like Home” by about a year. I also found a SS (still sealed) copy of the lone recording by Th’ Cigaretz. I have two copies already that are both complete (including lyric sheet) and in VG++++ to M- condition. Still the price was low, right around $30, and a still sealed copy of that LP is next to impossible to find. The last time I saw a Cigz LP on eBay the bidding went well over a hundred bucks.

Another tough to find item is the Monkees tribute CD “Hear No Evil”. It features two killer tracks from Comboland artists, Mitch Easter’s take on “Valleri” and Peter Holsapple with “You Just May Be The One”.

One item I have been seeking for quite a while is the first EP from Southern Culture On The Skids. Every time I find one the bidding gets WAY too rich for my blood! Hey! The economy has been tough on me too! So imagine my surprise when the bidding on a very nice VG++++ to M- copy ended with only 2 bidders, with me taking the EP for $12.51!!! Usually you can’t get one for under $150.

One I missed out on was the 4 song “Happy Eggs” 7” EP which went for over $180! If anyone has a copy they would like to part with… or let me borrow to digitize… feel free to email me!

Tunes from all of my recent finds will soon be playing on Comboland Radio.

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