Monday, May 2, 2011

RSD Tunes, Plus SCOTS, dB's, Othermothers and more!

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April 16th was Record Store Day for 2011. Since 2008 this is a day to celebrate music, and the independent record stores all over the world. There were bunches of great releases! Unfortunately there is not one independent record store on the Outer Banks. Other commitments kept me from being able to drive to Raleigh or even Virginia Beach, to pick up the items I wanted. I did have a friend pick up the dB’s 45, but for anything else it was eBay after the fact. The stores themselves do sign something stating they will not sell the items on the internet or take pre-orders. Yet they do end up online after the fact. So my picks that you will now hear on Comboland Radio are:

dB’s – “Picture Sleeve” and “Write Back” Two cool tunes from an upcoming NEW dB's album.

Superchunk – “Horror Business” This one is loud and rockin'!

Polvo – Selections from the re-released “Celebrate The New Dark Age”. This was cool, limited to 300 vinyl LP’s signed by the band. Non autographed versions including CD and downloads available from Merge.

Since I was digitizing vinyl anyway I decided to include some recent acquisitions that are not RSD releases but are certainly rare.

Southern Culture On The Skids – I am VERY close to completing my quest of finding the complete discography of SCOTS. I just got a second copy of the very first EP which appeared to have never been played. It made for a very clean transfer. It is not like the SCOTS you hear today but I sure did like it then and am still a fan. Also listen for an early version of “Cicada Rock” from an Australian 45, “Come And Get It (Before It Done Get Cold) from the same 45, and “Rumors Of Surf” from a shared 45 (although I believe it is the same take is later used on the “Ditch Diggin’” LP).

Stratocruiser did a limited 45 release in 2005 on a red vinyl 45. “41 Times” and “Smell Of Success” are two killer tracks from one of my favorite bands.

The dB’s had a 45 on Shake records which featured “Soul Kiss” (1 & 2) and “Black And White”. I got a decent transfer on that so it is in!

Before their lone but rockin’ EP on Making Waves records The Othermothers self-released a 45 with “Party Topics” and “Traveling In Circles”. I procured an EXTRA clean copy to play on Comboland Radio.

Just today I got a 45 I had never been able to find, in very decent shape too... The first Arrogance 45 on Crescent-City records. The songs themselves were included on Tobacco-A-Go Go Vol.1, and "Black Death" was included on the very limited "Give Us A Break" CD issued by the band in 2000. I may stick that one in two for a few days.

So listen up!

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