Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peter Holsapple, and The dB's

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Some good news from the dB’s messageboard! The band is close to releasing a long awaited CD, and Peter Holsapple HAS released a new CD!

Just over a year ago Peter started contributing to the “Radio Free Song Club” (as a radio guy I’m not sure I like that name…)(insert idiotic smiley face here). The project features a group of songwriters with a monthly deadline to create a song for the podcast they produce. Peter has decided to release his contributions on a CD which is available here. “Songs From The Radio Free Song Club” is only $10, a paltry sum for great tunes from a wonderful songwriter. Also available is his 1997 solo release “Out Of My Way”. This is a fine CD at a great price. Several tunes from this CD are featured on Comboland Radio, and I'll put a few from the new CD in rotation when it arrives to the remote outpost which houses Comboland Radio.

Support your favorite musicians by BUYING something from them today!

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  1. How 'bout an update on The dB's?!? They're playing South By Southwest this week (mid-March 2012), the original lineup has a new album coming out this June on Bar/None Records and there's a new fan blog devoted to the group & its members (shameless plug -- it's my blog):