Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mark Kano and Stratocruiser

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2 weeks ago I wrote about a big update with several new bands/artists added to the Comboland Radio playlist. This week there is another update to the "New Music" category!! The purpose of this music category is to highlight the latest releases of the Comboland artists. As always if I am missing something let me know.

I really like the band "Stratocruiser". So I was a bit bummed I missed the November release of their limited edition (300 digipack copies only) CD "OK. Class" It is a "best of" compilation but does have a few new songs on it. Comboland Radio features many of the songs on this CD in the "regular" rotation. Listen for 2 of the new tunes, "Ok. Class" and "That Phone Call" on Comboland Radio. Go to the Stratocruiser website for information on getting the CD. it is NOT available for digital download!

On my last post I mentioned that I buy the majority of the music played on Comboland Radio. (Another HUGE thank you to those of you who have sent me "promo" copies of your music!) I don't mind paying for it as my purchase helps, in a small way, support the artist and hopefully their desire to continue making new music. Mark Kano has a bit of a different idea. Through the month of March (hurry!!!) Mark is offering free music downloads from his website, There is quite a bit of music here for free! Good stuff too! Much of it is in our playlist but now you can add it to your personal collection for free!

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