Sunday, March 7, 2010

Listen Now!! New Music!!

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I have FINALLY had some free time to work on some playlist additions to Comboland Radio. There are still some to follow... maybe even this week! But for now here is what's new:

Jonathan Mudd graciously sent me a copy of his brand new release, Truth Lies. "Run Amelia" and "Breaking My Way" are now in the new music rotation. The CD is available through CD Baby. Jonathan has a nice website too with links and hopefully soon some gig announcements.

"I Was Totally Destroying It" had 2 different releases at the end of last year. In the new music rotation are "Come Out, Come Out" and "Done Waiting". I will be adding songs from the 2007 self titled release and the 2 songs featured on the Cy Tunes website. This is a new band to Comboland Radio.

Speaking of Cy Tunes I purchased several other tunes which are now in the playlist. Jeff Hart's 1999 Spacelab Sessions, a single from "Stratocruiser" and a neat demo track from "Hammer No More The Fingers" are now playing.

"Schooner" has a new EP release available from Cy Tunes. The "Duck Kee Sessions". If you have not checked out this site and it's cause you have a few good reasons to. Listen for the new Schooner tunes on Comboland Radio.

"The Annuals" have a new release in the works which should be out very soon. A song from this album is available as a free download from their website, and is now being played on Comboland Radio.

98% of the music heard on Comboland Radio is purchased by it currator...Me! This is not a complaint because I believe in supporting these musicians efforts. Buying a download or a CD is a small price to pay for the endless enjoyment I get from their efforts. None of these artists are getting rich from making music so if my small purchase helps them in some way want to make more music then I gladly make that purchase. However when someone sends me a free CD I do feel compelled to give them what little exposure Comboland Radio can offer (see Jonathan Mudd above).

I had been looking for the "Let's Get Mikey" CD "Crazy Days for a couple of years now with no luck. The band features Jamie Hoover collaborator (Van Deleckies) Bryan Shumate, Nat Hammer and Eddie Snuggs, and was co-produced by Jamie and Jack Cornell from "The Fabulous Knobs" "Woods" and "Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team to name a few. Nat happened across the station and inquired about the band's lack of presence, then offered to send me a copy of the CD. NICE! When I got the package there was also a CD from "Zeke The Freak". Both have some killer tunes which are now in the playlist. Even though they share some of the creative components Zeke is a bit off center... in a good way... described by Nat as "a basement project where a bunch of musicians got together, had a few too many drinks, and decided to put it on tape". This is a fun CD to listen too. It's a shame more people didn't have the chance in 1997 when it was released.

Keven Burrus stumbled across the website and offered to send me a copy of a CD his band, "Broken Blue", released in 2000. He said "We played all over the triangle from 1996 to 2003. We recorded 2 Cd's of originals at Mike Gardner Studio (of PKM fame). Craig Woolard from the Embers added synth sax patch on 2 of our songs and Robert Kearns (of Cry of Love fame) sang backups on one track. Mike Gardner did some dueling guitar leads with one of our guitarists on one track." Listen for "Broken Blue" on Comboland Radio.

While searching around for new bands, which I haven't much time to do recently, I stumbled across Nick Driver who has just released a solo album. It's available at CD Baby among other places. Two tunes from in are in the new music category on Comboland Radio.

While in search mode I also found a new release by "100 Yorktown" that rocks! It's another CD Baby find as was "Distrails" a few months ago. "Distrails" has a new EP out and cuts are now in the playlist.

Those of us hailing from Henderson, North Carolina can tell you nearly every important musical milestone from our fair town. Famous folks from there include Ben E. King (Drifters, solo), Gerald Austin (Manhattans), and Rick Miller (Southern Culture On The Skids, not the same Rick Miller who later became Parthenon Huxley, grew up part of the time there so we claim him whether he wants to be claimed or not!). Oh... non-musical famous people from "The Gateway City" include Charlie Rose from PBS and Soupy Sales Mother. Musical highlights from Henderson include any of the few "Cheese" shows at "Sunset Park" out by Kerr Lake, the Khrome Jerome gig at the Kwick Pick complete with the Icee Bear, my band "Strike Zone" playing in the Parking lot of "The Big 89 WHNC". If you don't remember that last one maybe it is because the morning guy there at the time referred to us as "The Dry Heaves". Still don't remember? Hmmm. Imagine my surprise to find a band from my hometown on CD Baby and I don't think I know any of them. "Forgetful Old Guys" CD F.O.G. was released on the last day of 2009. They have a gig coming up at the Broad Street Cafe in Durham on March 10th. Listen for them on Comboland Radio.

Another new band to Comboland Radio with Henderson connections is "When Cousins Marry", featuring Hendersonite Charles Blackburn. According to their website they have been playing together for over 25 years. They released their first CD in 2007 and have another one in the works. Thanks you Charles for sending me the CD!

So there is lots of new music to enjoy on Comboland Radio!

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