Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember "The Snap"?

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I search eBay on a regular basis for some of the missing pieces of the music from Comboland. I finally obtained a copy of "The Snap - Voice Of America", DLP 2004. I remember my roommate having a copy of the EP but I don't think I ever did. I do remember seeing this band play a number of times but the history of "The Snap" is a tad fuzzy, as are quite a few memories from 27 years ago.

I do remember guitarist Charlie Ward playing in this band. I also remember him being quite good, but not necessarily interested in playing in a pop band. I remember Donna Von Plock too... nice lead singer. Two of their tunes made it on the first "Mondo Montage" LP, "Voice Of America" and (She's A) Modern Girl. They were produced by Arrogance co-founder Robert Kirkland and recorded at Hummingbird Studios, according to the liner notes. The MM liner notes don't list the other band members (see below).

During the time between Mondo Montage and the six song EP release on Dolphin Records the band line-up changed and the producer did too. Select Records founder Fred Munao produced the EP, which was recorded at TGS Studios, Singer/Actor Gary Private (whose single "Waiting For You" got a 92 and a half on American Bandstand's "Rate A Record" but failed to chart) sang background vocals and provided percussion of some sort. Band members were Donna Von Plock - Vocals, David Anthony Matos - Guitars/Synthesizer (replacing Charlie Ward), Tom Bryan - Bass/BG Vocals, Vernon Marshburn - Drums/Percussion.

Harry Simmons managed the band and told me he initially got involved because of Robert's insistence. He also said that Fred wanted to sign the band to his label but they thought Dolphin Records was a better choice at the time because of the power/clout of "The Record Bar" which owned the label. The two songs from Mondo Montage were included on the EP but new versions were recorded and they do sound a bit different.

The Snap certainly had a good following in Comboland for a few years in the early to mid '80's. I have put the two hits from the EP in heavy rotation for a few weeks on Comboland Radio and also added their version of the The Beatles "Hey Bulldog" to the playlist.

Here is the description of "The Snap" from the Mondo Montage liner notes;

"With the addition of vocalist Donna Von Plock, The Snap has emerged as the most critically acclaimed new group in the Carolinas in 1982. Combining various elements of old style rock and roll with contemporary soul influences the group has synthesized its veteran talent into a unique new sound. This disc reveals The Snap for the first time on vinyl, under the steady studio control of Arrogance guitarist Robert Kirkland. Hard core stuff for dancers that like to sweat."

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  1. Donna has been my steady for over 5 years....she is doing great, and can still sing like crazy!
    Terry McInturff