Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comboland Holiday Music!

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You can hear Christmas Music from many of your Comboland favorites on Comboland Radio! The dB's, Southern Culture On The Skids, Arrogance, The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team, selections from Holly Raleigh Christmas and more are playing right now!

For live Comboland music during the holidays check out one of these great shows!

An email from The dB's website states:
"The dB's will play a brief Christmas set at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC, on Thursday, Dec. 16 as part of Trekky Records Christmas at the Cradle 2010 A Benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society featuring as The dB's: Peter, Chris, Will, Mitch." This sounds like a fun show!

SCOTS has several shows during late December. The 16th they're in Charleston at The Charleston Pourhouse, 17th in Wilmington NC at The Soapbox, the 18th at the Berkley Cafe in Raleigh, and New Years Eve in Charlottesville at The Jefferson Theater! Man!!! That will be some rockin' New Years Eve!

Christmas night Terry Anderson will again celebrate his birthday with his pals in The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team at The Pourhouse in Raleigh. I missed last years as the world's biggest OAK Team fan, my wife, was quite sick. We WILL be at this show and you should be to. By Christmas night you'll need a break from relatives anyway.

And New Years Eve the place to be in The Triangle is The Cat's Cradle for Arrogance! What a great way to bring in 2011!!! And there is no telling what sort of surprises the boys will have in store for us! Get your tickets in advance so you don't miss out!

I'm sure there are TONS of other shows! Email me and I'll spread the word.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holla Band, Fast Annie, Remembering David...

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Today is the 3rd anniversary of the passing of David Enloe. So it was about 3 years ago I started to dig out all of my old vinyl to listen to. I got to hear all of my favorite bands, think about old friends and get inspired to share it all with the world. I regret not having enough time to adequately spend on Comboland Radio but I do what I can in hope one day I'll have time to do more. I do still occasionally add more music. Tune in now and you will hear two new additions, "The Holla Band" and "Fast Annie".

The Holla Band played around a bunch as I remember hearing the name, but I don't think I ever saw them. That is a shame as I can tell by the LP, release on Moonlight Records in early '82, I would have enjoyed them. The LP I found was in very good shape and required very little cleanup. There is a very small Facebook group devoted to Holla but it appears not to have been visited much lately. Matt Barrett has some photos on his site devoted to NC music. And one of the former members has a page with the band on it as well. The tunes sound great on Comboland Radio.

"Fast Annie" featured ex arrogance member Mike Greer, was produced and engineered by arrogance member Don Dixon and was recorded where Don did much of his recording and producing, Reflection Sound Studios. Released on Chelsea records the LP has a couple of tunes that fit well on Comboland Radio, both written by Greer, "Laugh At The World" and "My Baby's Alright". They are playing now on Comboland Radio.

Robert Kirkland is involved with a couple of new projects I hope to track down and add soon. I have some unanswered messages to catch up on too. Maybe this weekend...

Tonight is a sort of celebration of David's life as the Comboland Radio staff (Missie and I) are going to see some live music. SCOTS is playing out here on the OBX. So we get a little taste of home, and maybe a piece of fried chicken.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Music Blogs

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What do Chris Stamey, Let's Active, The Killer Whales, The X-Teens, and The Woods Have in common? Several things of course... but one you may not be aware of. Then again.... All of these artists, along with thousands of others, have their works "featured" on music blogs where you can download the for free! Sounds great right?!? I'm not too sure.

It's a fairly recent phenomenon that seems to have exploded in the past few years. Literally thousands of blogs have cropped up that "feature" mostly out of print recordings and most of these sites allow you to download the entire recording for free. Are you looking for a copy of the hard to find "Precision Auto" 7 inch by Superchunk? It's available... for free... you just have to know where to look. You don't need Limewire, Bit Torrent or anything except a browser and some rudimentary knowledge of file extraction and mp3 files. Some have complete artwork ready for you to print out just in case you want to make your own CD.

I'll be honest. I don't know how I feel about these blogs. On one hand some of this stuff is never going to be re-released in any form. These bloggers aren't making any money themselves. Most seem to be passionate fans of a specific genre of music. Most have a policy of removing a link of the artist objects or if the material is re-released. In fact I pointed out to one blogger that the "Van DeLecki's" "Letters From the Desk of Count S.Van Delecki" was still commercially available and he quickly removed the download link and replaced it with a link to the page on CD Baby where you can buy the CD. However it does seem to me that the artists are still getting ripped off.

I do know that Terry Anderson and Jack Cornell had been working on a Woods box set but that seems to have stalled. Terry said something to effect of "why should I spend the money to put it out when it's already out there for free"? Specifically "It's Like This" is on one of these blogs, despite the fact that Twin Tone will still make you a copy on a custom CD for $15. Also floating around is The Wood's "Lost Album". Never released the "free" copy's quality is not great, but the songs sure are. I, for one, would have plopped down the cash for the box set JUST to hear decent copies of these songs. I don't think it's happening. Is it because of these blogs? Are blogs like this preventing artists from making some of their pasts works available to their fans?

I tried my hand at legally selling music on The Comboland Radio website. For 2 years I had all but one of the Arrogance recordings available. We sold a few downloads, but it cost twice the dollar amount we sold to host the website and pay the fees for the "shopping cart" and to accept PayPal. NOT a good business model! I was surprised too. But after thinking about it all of the fans we have seen at the shows in recent years probably had the stuff already. Not everybody felt the need to replace their vinyl with the digital downloads... although they do sound good. Also I shouldn't have sold individual songs. For the same amount of storage space and inventory items I should have tried harder to get some of the other bands to sell some of their out of print stuff there too. Still I'm not sure it would have ever broken even.

I guess I could put the Arrogance stuff up on a blog of my own! I guess I could put ALL of the vinyl have I digitized for Comboland Radio up on a blog somewhere!! (It's quite a bit!) Hell I could put up the all of out of print CDs I have too!!! I could... but I can't. I was a suspected music bootlegger in the 80's. While working at Reflection Sound Studios the studio recorded 4 live R.E.M. shows. OF COURSE a few copies were circulated by the staff. However copies of 2 of the shows got to the outside world. It wasn't nefarious... it didn't involve me... and it was an innocent mistake. However I DID hear about it and several people were/are convinced I bootlegged the tapes. I didn't, but I felt horrible. R.E.M wasn't this huge band yet. I had seen them many times in clubs and dives in the south. I had friends who were working with them. I wouldn't have done anything to take money out of any of their pockets. I still feel the same way.(By the way... I still have my tapes. I check the R.E.M. bootleg list every now and then and as of yet the 2 shows I have are not listed anywhere.)

For what it's worth Comboland Radio is a "legal" Internet broadcast and pays all of the music licensing fees through Live365 (although I would be GREATLY surprised if ANY of the artists ever receive a penny of what I pay in... but that is a another blog for another time).

Again... I don't really know how I feel about these blogs... but they are in great abundance and cover every form of music imaginable. I would be interested in your point of view. If the musicians and artists are against this type of "sharing" then I would have to side with them. Just know that no matter what "the man" does to prevent the sharing of music on the Internet people will figure out a different way to do it.

With all of that said I have just transferred 2 albums to digital, both with Triangle ties, that will start playing legally on Comboland Radio later this week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

th' Cigaretz Jerry Williams Links

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Below are additional links for information on Jerry Williams:

The first is from Beastiemania, a site devoted to The Beastie Boys, who Jerry worked with and recorded.

Next is an obit from The Punk Vault.

Here is Jerry's MySpace page.

This is an old article from 2004 but scroll down to the heading "Best local record hunter's captured prey:". Read for yourself to see this authors selection, as if you can't guess.

An obit with a few external links you may find interesting from Brooklyn Vegan.

Another obituary from Papermag. In the comments below the obit there are details of an upcoming memorial in New York.

David Menconi wrote an article about a website that claimed Miley Cyrus ripped off th' Cigaretz "Apartmentalivin".

Sad Cigaretz News

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...Opened up Facebook this morning at 3:45 to some sad news posted by Terry Anderson. Jerry Williams of Raleigh's Cigaretz has died, just a few days shy of his 62nd birthday.

For many, myself included, the Cigz was their first live exposure to a real punk band. Playing countless gigs at the Free Advice th' Cigaretz certainly made a name for themselves and carved out a nice fan base. Their lone DIY LP is classic! Yet it doesn't quite capture all of the noise and intensity of seeing them live.

How important were th' Cigaretz? Read Sam Hick's 1998 article "How North Carolina Got It's Punk Attitude". Go read it now... The three paragraphs devoted to th' Cigaretz might put it in perspective. It also details a bit of Jerry's life after th' Cigaretz which had to be quite exciting at times.

I saw them a number of times during their heyday. But one show I didn't see was one where they opened for Arrogance in Chapel Hill at The Town Hall. That show is a bit Woodstock-esque in that more people remember being at that show than the place would ever hold!! I believe it was Byron that turned one of the stage monitors speaker side up, filled it with cereal and milk and ate out of it. Hopefully someone will recall that story and it's repercussions.

Rest in peace Jerry. Your fans and friends love and remember.

I'll try to play more tunes from the LP starting tomorrow on Comboland Radio.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Killer Whales - States - SCOTS - Stratocruiser - Leisure McCorkle

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The revamped Skidmart at the SCOTS website is open! The new release "Kudzu Ranch" is available in LP, CD and digital download. When you buy "Kudzu Ranch" in any format you get a digital download for free which includes alternate takes of 4 tunes. (hint... the free version of "Pig Pickin'" download is an alternate take too!) The re-issued "Too Much Pork..." is also available in CD and digital download. There are new t-shirts and other swag too. Comboland Radio has been playing a couple of tracks from "Kudzu Ranch" for a few weeks now. In celebration of the new store we have changed them up and are also featuring 2 cuts from "Too Much Pork.."(I had the original release) to get you all hopped up to go buy your own copies from the Skidmart!! As usual the tunes are mixed in with the best music new and old from the Carolinas on Comboland Radio.

I have also got some new old music to add to the rotation. I finally got a copy of the very hard to find "Big Bang" from the "Killer Whales". Their website is now dead but their music lives on. Former member David Bethany has put up a couple of pieces on youtube worth checking out.

"The States" from Norfolk, VA had 2 songs featured on "Mondo Montage" that we currently play on Comboland Radio. They also had 2 LP's and at least 2 singles previous to the MM tunes. I had one of those albums but couldn't locate it... until now.

Stratocruiser is one of my faves! So I can't believe I missed the July 27th release of their latest EP (see previous posts about my crazy work schedule...). Unlike last year's "best of" release this one is available for download and immediate gratification for the usual evil download sources. It is absolutely worth getting!

Another recent discovery for me is Leisure McCorkle. The 2002 CD I have was "on sale" at Not Lame so I picked it up. It is pure Power Pop and fab as well. Produced by Jamie Hoover (who plays and sings on it as well) it is well worth getting. It seems since this CD was released Lee has finished his PhD in Ireland and has had time to work on a new release that should be out soon. He has been playing a bunch of shows this year with a few more to come.

Listen for all of these tunes, artists and much more on Comboland Radio.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SCOTS - Dixon - Arrogance Gig!!

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I did get some new tunes into the rotation on Comboland Radio.

As promised some of them are hard to find cuts from Southern Culture On The Skids. Their new "store" debuts on their website on September 7th. In the new store will be their new album, "Kudzu Ranch" I am playing 2 songs from it, "Pig-Pickin'" and "Come As You Are/Lucifer Sam" as we get ready to hear the whole thing! I have also encoded several singles SCOTS has released over the years, mainly for the "B" sides which are not available anywhere else. I have them playing too. They include:

Two Pigs In A Blanket
Wedding Bell Twist
C.W. James 00-Spy
Tidewater Jack

Listen for these tunes and get ready to get the new SCOTS long player "Kudzu Ranch" on September 7th.

Don Dixon has a new CD out, "Don Dixon Sings The Jeffords Brothers". I got to hear some of these tunes during Dixon's visit to the OBX in March. I now have a couple of them playing on Comboland Radio. Get the CD or download from CD Baby. Dixon fans will love it. But WARNING! It does have a "Beach Music" feel about it. I know some of you have an aversion to this music. I prefer to think of it as Dixon re-visiting his soul roots. Those who know him understand that he was influenced by soul and R&B from the 60's, as were many of us. This is actually the third project he has done with the Jeffords brothers. Earlier projects with Dip Ferrell & The Truetones also included Jamie Hoover and Marti Jones. These CD's were true "Beach Music" and do sound great.

Get ready to see Don along with Robert, Marty, Scott and Rod on New Year's Eve at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. Yes... Arrogance will rock the Cradle and rock in the new year! Hey... if your life is like mine it is NOT to early to start planning and figuring out how you are going to be there. If you have missed any of the Arrogance show in the past couple of years then make it a priority to be there! You won't be sorry.

Other new songs in the Comboland Radio playlist include 2 from a "Jamie Hoover Group" 45 from 1977, Chris Stamey's "The Summer Sun" (produced by Alex Chilton) and some additional cuts from Richmond, VA's "Single Bullet Theory". I still have some other Chris Stamey songs to get in. I just need more time to work on them!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SCOTS and New Vinyl!!

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The company I work for, Max Media, has just purchased 4 more radio stations on the Outer Banks. That means I now have 8 total to run/manage. With the acquisition I have had little time to devote to Comboland Radio (a continuing theme in my notes). But I do try to work on it when I can. I do still look for material and have had excellent success recently.

I the world of vinyl record collection the grade a piece receives for the seller is important. NM stands for "near mint", VG is "very good". Then you have the "+" and "-" signs added to the grade to give an even better idea of the condition of the record. VG+ and VG++ are usually decent enough for a decent digital transfer and restoration. The Holy Grail for any collector is an SS, or "still sealed". Those are un-opened and therefore un-played!! Still sealed copies of old albums can be quite valuable. For example one of my favorite sites has a SS Beatles "Rubber Soul", original pressing, mono, and a rare promotional sticker on the cellophane. It recently sold for $6500. This same site has an SS "butcher cover" "Yesterday And Today", mono for sale right now for $47,500.

I'm not sure if any of the "Comboland" records will be worth quite that much in an SS state but I have found quite a few of them recently. They include:

X-Teens - X-Teens (1st LP)
Sugarcreek - The Creek
Bad Checks - Innocence
Southern Culture On The Skids - Southern Culture On The Skids (1st LP)
Brice Street - Imagination
Othermothers - No Place Like Home

The X-Teens disc is the second SS X-Teens LP I have purchased, the first about 10 years ago... a copy of "Love And Politics" I played it once to transfer it to digital.

I would love to think that one of these LP's would increase in value to an "Butcher Cover" price but I don't see that happening. So I will open them at some point. I've been considering getting a new phono cartridge and stylus so I will wait for that. As I already have copies of most of those LP's there isn't much new to add to Comboland Radio. However in the case of a few of those I will have much better copies with a lot less restoration needed.

Other recent purchases will make there way to Comboland Radio. Earlier solo works of Chris Stamey have been largely absent but I have tracked most of them down and will be adding selections from them soon. I mentioned SCOTS in my last post. They have a new CD/download coming out soon, plus a re-release of "Too Much Pork For Just One Fork". The SCOTS 45's released through the years offer some nuggets not otherwise available. I have obtained quite a few of them, including one which was only given to guests at a wedding. Supposedly only about 150 were pressed. One side is SCOTS performing "Wedding Bell Twist". A cool tune which I know SCOTS fans will dig.

I am contemplating a bit of a change in direction for the Internet radio station. While I am not going to abandon new bands and music those show the most interest in Comboland Radio seem to come here for the older material and for the new material from those artists. Especially in the Triangle there are great outlets for the newer bands, like WKNC. There are also folks there who can keep up with the new scene much better than I can from my outpost in Kill Devil Hills. While I enjoy the mix of new and old it is probably too broad for most folks tastes. There are no big changes yet but certainly on the way soon. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Free Tune From SCOTS!

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Southern Culture On the Skids is making their Summer stop at "The Port 'O Call" in Kill Devil Hills tonight!! The early morning hours of the day job keep me in most nights but I do make an exception when SCOTS comes to town.

Their website has been revamped and if you bookmarked the home page before you might need to update it now. Rick shares news on the site of an upcoming album release, and offers up a free download of a song from it for signing up for the SCOTS news letter. The song. "Pig Pickin'" is fab and is playing on Comboland Radio .

Rick also informs fans that a re-issue of the "Too Much Pork For Just One Fork" album is on the way soon on both CD and MP3 downloads. Can't wait for that!!!

Of course Comboland Radio plays A TON of SCOTS every day. Why today alone you will hear 16 songs by SCOTS throughout the day!!!! ...Plus lots of other great songs from Carolina bands and artists. Listen now and listen often!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Slackmates

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When I first signed on Comboland Radio almost 2 years ago one of my best friends, Jimmy Knight (drummer in a couple of bands I played in a LOOOONNNG time ago) asked me if I was playing any "Slackmates". I had to claim ignorance as I didn't know anything about them. I SHOULD have but, as has been chronicled many times with various bands, they came and went after I left the Triangle to seek my radio fame and fortune... which I am still seeking.

Old friend, former fishing buddy and guitarist extraordinaire Rod Abernethy teamed up with some of the Triangle's elite musicians to form "The Slackmates". Dave Adams, Jack Cornell, Jeff Anderson and Whit Helton recorded some of the coolest surf inspired tunes this side of Waiamea Bay. Venture-esque but not a rip-off at all. There are some great tunes on their lone (I think) CD.

It is not surprising to me that Rod would be involved in such a project. One of the aspects of his style that I have always enjoyed was his subtle incorporation of that "surf guitar" sound in his playing. I remember after the Ventures show at "The Pier" several of us hung around hoping to meet them, which we did. Rod had a guitar with him for the band members to sign (3 original members played at that gig as I recall). I hope he still has the guitar! I believe it was an SG with a hand painted front.

The Slackmates "Hot Car Girls" was released on a German label, Gee-Dee Music, which seems to concentrate on "surf" inspired artists. The cool cover art was designed by Jack Cornell. I got the CD on eBay from a seller in Germany. It took my quite a bit of time to actually find a copy but it is not impossible. Also occasionally available is a tribute to Herb Alpert, "Surfin' Senorita" on which The Slackmates surf through the "Third Man Theme". It is one of the strongest tracks on the CD.

Maybe others can post other information on this band. Did they every play gigs? Man I would to see them play now!!

Speaking of Rod his self titled solo LP from 1975 just sold on eBay last week for $147.50. It was a "still sealed" copy and still had a "Record Bar" sticker on the front. I have a mint copy of this LP (no... I ain't sellin') and a couple of cuts, "Bossa Nova Baby" and "eggplant Comes To The Party", play regularly on Comboland Radio.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Veldt, Happy Eggs, "Let Us Be Heard"

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I haven't had time to write about Comboland Radio but I have made a few additions to the playlist.

The Veldt - I finally got copies of their 3 Cd's and have cuts from all in rotation. This is one of the many bands that I was unfamiliar with but really enjoyed listening too once I got the Cd's. "All Music" compares their sound to England's Dream Pop bands. Whatever. They sound good. Check them out. All of the Cd's are out of print but not too hard to find. Amazon is a good source.

The Happy Eggs - You WILL have a difficult time finding anything by one of Jamie Hoover's earliest bands. I do have a copy of the first Happy Eggs 12 inch 45 RPM single. Jamie' "You Can't Avoid Love" created an ear-worm I couldn't get rid of for a week! Both sides are cool and quite a bit different from a later Eggs EP (which I am STILL trying to find).

The dB's - The first single credited to the dB's was on Car Records, CRR 7. The A side isn't the dB's at all. It's Chris and Richard Lloyd performing Lloyd's "(I Thought) You Wanted To Know". The B side is the dB's, minus Peter Holsapple, "If And When". The later is available on "Ride The Wild Tom Tom" but to my knowledge the A side is only available on this 45. Both are now playing on Comboland Radio. I have some other solo stuff from Chris on the way.

"Let Us Be Heard" - The Radio Station at 93.1 on the dial in Winston-Salem has been many different formats through the years. It was the FM sister station of WAIR 1340-AM, a Top 40 station that competed with, but probably never beat WTOB in the ratings of the day. In the 60's and much of the 70's FM stations were barely listened to and the red-headed stepchild of nearly every radio operation that had one. By the late 70's the FM would become Z-93. The format was Top 40 for a few years before changing to Album Rock around '84 or '85. In 1986 the radio station solicited tapes from local bands, picked the best from over 400 entries (according the the liners notes) and released an LP, "Let Us Be Heard". The Bands included:
The Alka-Phonics
The Allisons
Brice Street
Bryan Smith and the Boogie Blues Band
The Carter Brothers
Dayroom Monitors
Hege V
Split Decision

Brice Street had released 2 LP's on Dolphin Records before this compilation. Hege V's debut LP would be released the following year. The Allisions tune had been included on the Comboland Tapes Godfrey Cheshire was shopping around but was not included on the "Welcome To Comboland" LP. The Alka-Phonics and the Dayroom Monitors are band I remember from that time but the other artists I know nothing about. The LP's liner notes give very little info on the bands themselves. Any info would be appreciated.

The LP is absolutely worth seeking out... but good luck!! The Allisons tune "The Love You Give", and the Hege V song "Keep On Killin' Me" are killer tunes. Most of the other tunes are solid as well.

The copy I obtained is still in the shrink wrap but opened and played. The original owner evidently really wanted to protect the cover but as for the LP the inner sleeve was gone and the LP was not in the best of shape. The Split Decision song has a bad scuffed area in the middle of the track. Lots of pops and clicks but it seems that it was played on decent equipment. With the exception of the scuffy track it cleaned up pretty well with iZotope RX. Listen for tracks on Comboland Radio.

I have decided to feature to feature the items in this article in a heavier rotation for a few weeks. I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember "The Snap"?

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I search eBay on a regular basis for some of the missing pieces of the music from Comboland. I finally obtained a copy of "The Snap - Voice Of America", DLP 2004. I remember my roommate having a copy of the EP but I don't think I ever did. I do remember seeing this band play a number of times but the history of "The Snap" is a tad fuzzy, as are quite a few memories from 27 years ago.

I do remember guitarist Charlie Ward playing in this band. I also remember him being quite good, but not necessarily interested in playing in a pop band. I remember Donna Von Plock too... nice lead singer. Two of their tunes made it on the first "Mondo Montage" LP, "Voice Of America" and (She's A) Modern Girl. They were produced by Arrogance co-founder Robert Kirkland and recorded at Hummingbird Studios, according to the liner notes. The MM liner notes don't list the other band members (see below).

During the time between Mondo Montage and the six song EP release on Dolphin Records the band line-up changed and the producer did too. Select Records founder Fred Munao produced the EP, which was recorded at TGS Studios, Singer/Actor Gary Private (whose single "Waiting For You" got a 92 and a half on American Bandstand's "Rate A Record" but failed to chart) sang background vocals and provided percussion of some sort. Band members were Donna Von Plock - Vocals, David Anthony Matos - Guitars/Synthesizer (replacing Charlie Ward), Tom Bryan - Bass/BG Vocals, Vernon Marshburn - Drums/Percussion.

Harry Simmons managed the band and told me he initially got involved because of Robert's insistence. He also said that Fred wanted to sign the band to his label but they thought Dolphin Records was a better choice at the time because of the power/clout of "The Record Bar" which owned the label. The two songs from Mondo Montage were included on the EP but new versions were recorded and they do sound a bit different.

The Snap certainly had a good following in Comboland for a few years in the early to mid '80's. I have put the two hits from the EP in heavy rotation for a few weeks on Comboland Radio and also added their version of the The Beatles "Hey Bulldog" to the playlist.

Here is the description of "The Snap" from the Mondo Montage liner notes;

"With the addition of vocalist Donna Von Plock, The Snap has emerged as the most critically acclaimed new group in the Carolinas in 1982. Combining various elements of old style rock and roll with contemporary soul influences the group has synthesized its veteran talent into a unique new sound. This disc reveals The Snap for the first time on vinyl, under the steady studio control of Arrogance guitarist Robert Kirkland. Hard core stuff for dancers that like to sweat."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mark Kano and Stratocruiser

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2 weeks ago I wrote about a big update with several new bands/artists added to the Comboland Radio playlist. This week there is another update to the "New Music" category!! The purpose of this music category is to highlight the latest releases of the Comboland artists. As always if I am missing something let me know.

I really like the band "Stratocruiser". So I was a bit bummed I missed the November release of their limited edition (300 digipack copies only) CD "OK. Class" It is a "best of" compilation but does have a few new songs on it. Comboland Radio features many of the songs on this CD in the "regular" rotation. Listen for 2 of the new tunes, "Ok. Class" and "That Phone Call" on Comboland Radio. Go to the Stratocruiser website for information on getting the CD. it is NOT available for digital download!

On my last post I mentioned that I buy the majority of the music played on Comboland Radio. (Another HUGE thank you to those of you who have sent me "promo" copies of your music!) I don't mind paying for it as my purchase helps, in a small way, support the artist and hopefully their desire to continue making new music. Mark Kano has a bit of a different idea. Through the month of March (hurry!!!) Mark is offering free music downloads from his website, There is quite a bit of music here for free! Good stuff too! Much of it is in our playlist but now you can add it to your personal collection for free!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Listen Now!! New Music!!

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I have FINALLY had some free time to work on some playlist additions to Comboland Radio. There are still some to follow... maybe even this week! But for now here is what's new:

Jonathan Mudd graciously sent me a copy of his brand new release, Truth Lies. "Run Amelia" and "Breaking My Way" are now in the new music rotation. The CD is available through CD Baby. Jonathan has a nice website too with links and hopefully soon some gig announcements.

"I Was Totally Destroying It" had 2 different releases at the end of last year. In the new music rotation are "Come Out, Come Out" and "Done Waiting". I will be adding songs from the 2007 self titled release and the 2 songs featured on the Cy Tunes website. This is a new band to Comboland Radio.

Speaking of Cy Tunes I purchased several other tunes which are now in the playlist. Jeff Hart's 1999 Spacelab Sessions, a single from "Stratocruiser" and a neat demo track from "Hammer No More The Fingers" are now playing.

"Schooner" has a new EP release available from Cy Tunes. The "Duck Kee Sessions". If you have not checked out this site and it's cause you have a few good reasons to. Listen for the new Schooner tunes on Comboland Radio.

"The Annuals" have a new release in the works which should be out very soon. A song from this album is available as a free download from their website, and is now being played on Comboland Radio.

98% of the music heard on Comboland Radio is purchased by it currator...Me! This is not a complaint because I believe in supporting these musicians efforts. Buying a download or a CD is a small price to pay for the endless enjoyment I get from their efforts. None of these artists are getting rich from making music so if my small purchase helps them in some way want to make more music then I gladly make that purchase. However when someone sends me a free CD I do feel compelled to give them what little exposure Comboland Radio can offer (see Jonathan Mudd above).

I had been looking for the "Let's Get Mikey" CD "Crazy Days for a couple of years now with no luck. The band features Jamie Hoover collaborator (Van Deleckies) Bryan Shumate, Nat Hammer and Eddie Snuggs, and was co-produced by Jamie and Jack Cornell from "The Fabulous Knobs" "Woods" and "Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team to name a few. Nat happened across the station and inquired about the band's lack of presence, then offered to send me a copy of the CD. NICE! When I got the package there was also a CD from "Zeke The Freak". Both have some killer tunes which are now in the playlist. Even though they share some of the creative components Zeke is a bit off center... in a good way... described by Nat as "a basement project where a bunch of musicians got together, had a few too many drinks, and decided to put it on tape". This is a fun CD to listen too. It's a shame more people didn't have the chance in 1997 when it was released.

Keven Burrus stumbled across the website and offered to send me a copy of a CD his band, "Broken Blue", released in 2000. He said "We played all over the triangle from 1996 to 2003. We recorded 2 Cd's of originals at Mike Gardner Studio (of PKM fame). Craig Woolard from the Embers added synth sax patch on 2 of our songs and Robert Kearns (of Cry of Love fame) sang backups on one track. Mike Gardner did some dueling guitar leads with one of our guitarists on one track." Listen for "Broken Blue" on Comboland Radio.

While searching around for new bands, which I haven't much time to do recently, I stumbled across Nick Driver who has just released a solo album. It's available at CD Baby among other places. Two tunes from in are in the new music category on Comboland Radio.

While in search mode I also found a new release by "100 Yorktown" that rocks! It's another CD Baby find as was "Distrails" a few months ago. "Distrails" has a new EP out and cuts are now in the playlist.

Those of us hailing from Henderson, North Carolina can tell you nearly every important musical milestone from our fair town. Famous folks from there include Ben E. King (Drifters, solo), Gerald Austin (Manhattans), and Rick Miller (Southern Culture On The Skids, not the same Rick Miller who later became Parthenon Huxley, grew up part of the time there so we claim him whether he wants to be claimed or not!). Oh... non-musical famous people from "The Gateway City" include Charlie Rose from PBS and Soupy Sales Mother. Musical highlights from Henderson include any of the few "Cheese" shows at "Sunset Park" out by Kerr Lake, the Khrome Jerome gig at the Kwick Pick complete with the Icee Bear, my band "Strike Zone" playing in the Parking lot of "The Big 89 WHNC". If you don't remember that last one maybe it is because the morning guy there at the time referred to us as "The Dry Heaves". Still don't remember? Hmmm. Imagine my surprise to find a band from my hometown on CD Baby and I don't think I know any of them. "Forgetful Old Guys" CD F.O.G. was released on the last day of 2009. They have a gig coming up at the Broad Street Cafe in Durham on March 10th. Listen for them on Comboland Radio.

Another new band to Comboland Radio with Henderson connections is "When Cousins Marry", featuring Hendersonite Charles Blackburn. According to their website they have been playing together for over 25 years. They released their first CD in 2007 and have another one in the works. Thanks you Charles for sending me the CD!

So there is lots of new music to enjoy on Comboland Radio!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The OAK Team's Winter Dance Party!

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Man.... my day job has kept me super busy. During the off-season I expect things to be a bit slower but this year some special projects have kept me away from Comboland Radio. My wife and I did make it over to see Terry Anderson & The OAK Team recently. Terry is a much better writer that I so go on over to his blog and read about the gig from his perspective! I'm working on processing some new tunes for Comboland Radio. Keep Listening!!