Sunday, August 7, 2011

New on Comboland Radio! LOTS!!!

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Ok…. I haven’t written a about Comboland Radio song updates in a while. So here is what has been recently added to the playlist that you should listen up for…

The X-Teens were an awesome band! I play a bunch of their stuff on Comboland Radio culled from the 1 EP, 1 45 and 2 LP’s they released. “Internal tensions” broke the band apart which was a shame because it seemed they just about to make it to the next level. Todd Jones wrote several of the songs we feature by the X-Teens, and Todd Jones is back! His new CD “Mister Sensitive” features songs he has written during the past couple of decades. This is a very cool CD, lots of fun to listen to. It is available at CD Baby as either a CD or download. For more details on the CD go to THIS PAGE on Todd’s website. And listen for cuts from “Mister Sensitive” on Comboland Radio.

Don Dixon and Marti Jones have made a new CD! They have been touring a bit in the last couple of years so I guess Dixon finally convinced Marti to put down the paint brushes long enough to record a few tunes. “Living Stereo” is available at CD Baby. Dixon says always thought they recorded bunches of duets but only 2 or 3 ever made it to CD. They did record a few more for tribute albums which seemed to be the rage for a bit. This CD marks the first real Marti and Dixon CD. Marti’s voice is still just as pure as you may remember and marries well to Dixon’s self-proclaimed caterwauling which I, and many others, have always loved.

Somehow I missed the Aqualads. They are a surf-rock band from Charlotte, and believe me… they have perfected the sound! I downloaded all 4 of their CD’s from CD Baby. This is some great stuff! They just released “Treasures” a few months ago and it is a good place to start if, like me, you are new to this band. But if you are a surf music fan you will want the earlier offerings as well.

The Dex Romweber Duo’s “Is That You In The Blue” is now out and available from Bloodshot Records. Just like the Aqualads above Dex and sis Sarah recorded the album at Rick Miller’s (Southern Culture On The Skids) Kudzu Ranch. Rick and Mary Queen Of SCOTS also play on one of the tunes. This is one cool cd! Go get it!

Speaking of SCOTS they have a new release coming out in September. “Zombiefied” was an EP released in Australia in 1998. It will now be released here with some newly recorded tracks added to extend it to proper “album length”. They have been playing some of the Zombiefied tracks at their recent gigs to get people like me excited to buy the new LP or CD. And even though I already have the EP (which ain’t cheap to get) I’ll gladly get a copy of the new release! Also I saw on Facebook that Rick was re-mastering the 1985 self-titled LP so that may be coming out soon!\

Nantucket Has released a new 7 song CD “You Need A Ride To Raleigh”. Listen for the title track on Comboland Radio. Also listen for new tunes from “When Cousins Marry” and the “James Thomas Band”.

I wrote about the Malamondos from Greensboro in a previous update but somehow missed getting their tunes in the playlist. That has been corrected and you can now hear them on Comboland Radio.

I also wrote about finding the Moonpie 7 inch in some of my old vinyl. It is fully restored and in the playlist. Another restored 7 inch from Fielding Darden is also new to Comboland Radio.

Coming up on Comboland Radio…

As I continue to fill holes in the library more from Polvo including their new 7 inch, Jennyanykind, Trailer Bride, The Moaners, more from both Dexter Romweber and the Flat Duo Jets, 4 Who Dared (even though Todd Jones said on his website that this Lp could "not be found anywhere on planet earth", and whatever else I stumble across.

Monday, May 2, 2011

RSD Tunes, Plus SCOTS, dB's, Othermothers and more!

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April 16th was Record Store Day for 2011. Since 2008 this is a day to celebrate music, and the independent record stores all over the world. There were bunches of great releases! Unfortunately there is not one independent record store on the Outer Banks. Other commitments kept me from being able to drive to Raleigh or even Virginia Beach, to pick up the items I wanted. I did have a friend pick up the dB’s 45, but for anything else it was eBay after the fact. The stores themselves do sign something stating they will not sell the items on the internet or take pre-orders. Yet they do end up online after the fact. So my picks that you will now hear on Comboland Radio are:

dB’s – “Picture Sleeve” and “Write Back” Two cool tunes from an upcoming NEW dB's album.

Superchunk – “Horror Business” This one is loud and rockin'!

Polvo – Selections from the re-released “Celebrate The New Dark Age”. This was cool, limited to 300 vinyl LP’s signed by the band. Non autographed versions including CD and downloads available from Merge.

Since I was digitizing vinyl anyway I decided to include some recent acquisitions that are not RSD releases but are certainly rare.

Southern Culture On The Skids – I am VERY close to completing my quest of finding the complete discography of SCOTS. I just got a second copy of the very first EP which appeared to have never been played. It made for a very clean transfer. It is not like the SCOTS you hear today but I sure did like it then and am still a fan. Also listen for an early version of “Cicada Rock” from an Australian 45, “Come And Get It (Before It Done Get Cold) from the same 45, and “Rumors Of Surf” from a shared 45 (although I believe it is the same take is later used on the “Ditch Diggin’” LP).

Stratocruiser did a limited 45 release in 2005 on a red vinyl 45. “41 Times” and “Smell Of Success” are two killer tracks from one of my favorite bands.

The dB’s had a 45 on Shake records which featured “Soul Kiss” (1 & 2) and “Black And White”. I got a decent transfer on that so it is in!

Before their lone but rockin’ EP on Making Waves records The Othermothers self-released a 45 with “Party Topics” and “Traveling In Circles”. I procured an EXTRA clean copy to play on Comboland Radio.

Just today I got a 45 I had never been able to find, in very decent shape too... The first Arrogance 45 on Crescent-City records. The songs themselves were included on Tobacco-A-Go Go Vol.1, and "Black Death" was included on the very limited "Give Us A Break" CD issued by the band in 2000. I may stick that one in two for a few days.

So listen up!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

eBay Finds! Othermothers SCOTS

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While the Comboland Radio library is somewhat impressive (to people who are into the regional rock music scene… maybe 5 people?) there are still items on my musical “want list”. eBay is still the primary spot for finding the obscure music I am looking for, however I have discovered a couple of non-eBay sites for vinyl and CDs.

Recent non-eBay finds include a 45 by Greensboro’s Othermothers. This pre-dates their Making Waves released EP “No Place Like Home” by about a year. I also found a SS (still sealed) copy of the lone recording by Th’ Cigaretz. I have two copies already that are both complete (including lyric sheet) and in VG++++ to M- condition. Still the price was low, right around $30, and a still sealed copy of that LP is next to impossible to find. The last time I saw a Cigz LP on eBay the bidding went well over a hundred bucks.

Another tough to find item is the Monkees tribute CD “Hear No Evil”. It features two killer tracks from Comboland artists, Mitch Easter’s take on “Valleri” and Peter Holsapple with “You Just May Be The One”.

One item I have been seeking for quite a while is the first EP from Southern Culture On The Skids. Every time I find one the bidding gets WAY too rich for my blood! Hey! The economy has been tough on me too! So imagine my surprise when the bidding on a very nice VG++++ to M- copy ended with only 2 bidders, with me taking the EP for $12.51!!! Usually you can’t get one for under $150.

One I missed out on was the 4 song “Happy Eggs” 7” EP which went for over $180! If anyone has a copy they would like to part with… or let me borrow to digitize… feel free to email me!

Tunes from all of my recent finds will soon be playing on Comboland Radio.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Peter Holsapple, and The dB's

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Some good news from the dB’s messageboard! The band is close to releasing a long awaited CD, and Peter Holsapple HAS released a new CD!

Just over a year ago Peter started contributing to the “Radio Free Song Club” (as a radio guy I’m not sure I like that name…)(insert idiotic smiley face here). The project features a group of songwriters with a monthly deadline to create a song for the podcast they produce. Peter has decided to release his contributions on a CD which is available here. “Songs From The Radio Free Song Club” is only $10, a paltry sum for great tunes from a wonderful songwriter. Also available is his 1997 solo release “Out Of My Way”. This is a fine CD at a great price. Several tunes from this CD are featured on Comboland Radio, and I'll put a few from the new CD in rotation when it arrives to the remote outpost which houses Comboland Radio.

Support your favorite musicians by BUYING something from them today!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Woods, Mitch, Ghost Town Revelry, American Idol?!?

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I have asked on several occasions for folks to suggest/guide me to bands/artists/CDs I might have missed for Comboland Radio. I have gotten a few… but just a few. Sometimes from the bands themselves, which is cool. Most of the stuff I find I stumble across myself. Such is the case with most of the new additions to Comboland Radio this week.

It is fun to run across something I didn’t know about with some of the early Comboland pioneers featured. Such is the case with “For The Love Of Todd”, a tribute to Todd Rundgren released in 1993 on Third Lock Records out of Charlotte. It it’s North Carolina connection it didn’t surprise me that 5 of the tunes were from true Comboland artists. There is Don Dixon, Parthenon Huxley, Jamie Hoover… also Bill Lloyd and other artists from out of the Comboland region. (There are a couple of real dogs on here to be sure… In my opinion… but not by those listed in this blog.) To me, however, the 2 standout tracks are from Mitch Easter and The Woods. It is still amazing to me that Mitch didn’t release his first solo album, Dynamico, until 2007. His take on “International Feel” gives a glimpse, sonically, of what would come 14 years later. What a great tune to kick off the CD. Hey… the P. Hux, Jamie and Dixon tunes are strong too!!! So we are through 13 tracks after Dixon… the CD leaves me a little… ah… man I hate to criticize because I probably couldn’t do much better… and not all bad either. Then Track 18 hits… “Slut”. Man! If I had never heard of The Woods at this point in my life I would have been trying to find more songs by this band! This song alone makes it worth buying the CD. Jack’s vocals are fantastic; David’s guitar work is sensational. The feel of the song is just rockin’! I’m sticking the Mitch and Woods tunes in my Hot rotation for a few weeks, and the Dixon, P. Hux and Jamie tunes will be in the mix too. The CD is available on eBay for $3.95… if you are interested.

Congratulations to Nod Norkus! As far as I can tell he was the 500th person to “Like” Comboland Radio on Facebook. Of course today it says it’s back down to 499 and 2 of personal friends like it less… although I have the same amount of friends. Dang Facebook! Nevertheless Nod receives all of the glory associated with being the first #500 Woo Hoo!!!! He also posted a link to a band from Charlotte he plays drums for “Ghost Town Revelry”. Some good tunes here!!! The released their 2nd album at the end of 2010, “Phasmatis Apparatus”. Listen for them on Comboland Radio.

There are a few American Idol contestants from North Carolina head to Hollywood with their “golden tickets” (if you are an Idol fan you know what I’m talkin’ about). One of them is from Wilmington and has some Comboland connections. James Ethan Clark has a tune on iTunes, “The Vines of My Heart”. It was recorded at Chris Stamey’s Modern Recording Studios, produced by Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds. Singer/Songwriter, Django Haskins played lead electric, Joe Hall of Hammer No More The Fingers played background electric, Jeff Crawford of Mandolin Orange played bass, and Matt McCaughan of The Rosebuds played drums. James Ethan Clark wrote the lyrics and music to the song, and played acoustic, ahythm guitar, and piano and also did the three part harmonies heard in the song. Listen for it on Comboland Radio.

Back to Mitch… One of the music blogs I frequent featured a post about a quasi-supergroup (that according to Wikipedia) “The Orange Humble Band”. I am still trying to familiarize myself with particulars but Mitch is a member, along with Jamie Hoover. I have 2 of their CDs, “Assorted Creams” and Humblin’ (Across America). I’ll stick a few tunes in the mix at Comboland Radio. Give it a listen.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sparkleberries, Mollybond, X-Teens Club Mix!!

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Another off-season with the day job that is SO busy it leaves little time for Comboland Radio. But I have added a couple of things:
The Sparkleberries - "Architect Of Woe" (Love it!!) and "Skylight"
Mollybond - "Change" and "Friday Night"
David Dixon - "Whisper"

Of course I am also playing cuts from the most recent SCOTS release "Kudzu Ranch" and the new Superchunk tunes too... along with LOTS of other great music new and ancient. Check it out!

I have a bit of Comboland Radio email to catch up on too but if you have an artist/band suggestion please do let me know.

A recent eBay find!!!! In the early 80's it seemed like every artist/band had a 12 inch club/dance remix. One I missed way back then was from the X-Teens self-titled LP on Dolphin Records. I don't remember it, never had it, but did find it on eBay. It features 4 songs total with a 6 minute version of "Hard Is A Love Departing" on one side (the "club" side), and 3 songs on the "radio side". They are "Tonight, Tonight", "Nothing Left To Say" and "Baby John". I'm not sure this record had ever been played! It is super clean and needed little in the way of audio restoration in the transfer to my digital library. I'm gonna stick the Club Mix into the hot rotation for a few weeks so listen up!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comboland Holiday Music!

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You can hear Christmas Music from many of your Comboland favorites on Comboland Radio! The dB's, Southern Culture On The Skids, Arrogance, The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team, selections from Holly Raleigh Christmas and more are playing right now!

For live Comboland music during the holidays check out one of these great shows!

An email from The dB's website states:
"The dB's will play a brief Christmas set at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC, on Thursday, Dec. 16 as part of Trekky Records Christmas at the Cradle 2010 A Benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society featuring as The dB's: Peter, Chris, Will, Mitch." This sounds like a fun show!

SCOTS has several shows during late December. The 16th they're in Charleston at The Charleston Pourhouse, 17th in Wilmington NC at The Soapbox, the 18th at the Berkley Cafe in Raleigh, and New Years Eve in Charlottesville at The Jefferson Theater! Man!!! That will be some rockin' New Years Eve!

Christmas night Terry Anderson will again celebrate his birthday with his pals in The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team at The Pourhouse in Raleigh. I missed last years as the world's biggest OAK Team fan, my wife, was quite sick. We WILL be at this show and you should be to. By Christmas night you'll need a break from relatives anyway.

And New Years Eve the place to be in The Triangle is The Cat's Cradle for Arrogance! What a great way to bring in 2011!!! And there is no telling what sort of surprises the boys will have in store for us! Get your tickets in advance so you don't miss out!

I'm sure there are TONS of other shows! Email me and I'll spread the word.