Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holla Band, Fast Annie, Remembering David...

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Today is the 3rd anniversary of the passing of David Enloe. So it was about 3 years ago I started to dig out all of my old vinyl to listen to. I got to hear all of my favorite bands, think about old friends and get inspired to share it all with the world. I regret not having enough time to adequately spend on Comboland Radio but I do what I can in hope one day I'll have time to do more. I do still occasionally add more music. Tune in now and you will hear two new additions, "The Holla Band" and "Fast Annie".

The Holla Band played around a bunch as I remember hearing the name, but I don't think I ever saw them. That is a shame as I can tell by the LP, release on Moonlight Records in early '82, I would have enjoyed them. The LP I found was in very good shape and required very little cleanup. There is a very small Facebook group devoted to Holla but it appears not to have been visited much lately. Matt Barrett has some photos on his site devoted to NC music. And one of the former members has a page with the band on it as well. The tunes sound great on Comboland Radio.

"Fast Annie" featured ex arrogance member Mike Greer, was produced and engineered by arrogance member Don Dixon and was recorded where Don did much of his recording and producing, Reflection Sound Studios. Released on Chelsea records the LP has a couple of tunes that fit well on Comboland Radio, both written by Greer, "Laugh At The World" and "My Baby's Alright". They are playing now on Comboland Radio.

Robert Kirkland is involved with a couple of new projects I hope to track down and add soon. I have some unanswered messages to catch up on too. Maybe this weekend...

Tonight is a sort of celebration of David's life as the Comboland Radio staff (Missie and I) are going to see some live music. SCOTS is playing out here on the OBX. So we get a little taste of home, and maybe a piece of fried chicken.

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  1. I loved Fast Annie. I have an old business card still on my desk with Frank Fleming, Kenny Mansfield, and Robert Fitzpatrick (mngmnt) on it. Were the first 2 members of the band? Still playing?