Friday, November 13, 2009

Playlist Update and BIG Show in Winston

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A BIG playlist update for Comboland Radio is in the works for early next week. It will include tunes from the new "Spongetones Present Jamie and Steve" "English Afterthoughts" CD, Luego, a few from the quickly out of print Animal EP's (somebody needs to help these guys get these songs BACK out... there are some great tunes here that couldn't have available for more than 3 months or so), Birds and Arrows, Dexter Romweber, Dynamite Brothers and a few more. I can't promise these will make it in this weekend, or that all of them will make in at the same time. But sometime next week expect to hear some new tunes on Comboland Radio!

If you are close by the Triad head to The Garage tomorrow (Sat. Nov. 14th) for "The Rock On The Road Tour". It kicks off at 8p. the lineup is strong:

The Smith Bros. (from Columbus, Ohio)
The Anderson Council (from New Brunskwick, NJ)
The Saving Graces (from Winston-Salem, NC)
Stratocruiser (from Raleigh, NC)
easybake (from Winston-Salem, NC)
The Othermothers (from Greensboro, NC)

With the exception of the out of state bands, and easybake (who I had not been aware of... until now!), the others receive regular airplay on Comboland Radio.

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