Thursday, September 17, 2009

Arrogance @ 40 Gig and OAK Team Video

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It's Thursday. You've got a couple of days to figure out how you are going to rearrange your schedule to make it to Chapel Hill to see Arrogance. It's going to be a great show. Arrogance celebrates 40 years of creating some of the best rock songs to ever come out of North Carolina. After 40 years they can still rock it on stage. Don and Robert's voices are still strong, their musicianship is still strong, the songs are still good... and this show will have some surprises.

So what could keep you from the show? Football? NC State and Gardner Webb? The way State played against USC I think Gardner Webb has a chance! This is one you can miss. UNC and ECU? It's a Noon game. Hey!... If you're coming for the game stay over and come out to the Cradle to either celebrate or commiserate. Duke and Kansas? Away game for the Blue Devils.... and c'mon. Duke Football?!?

If you, like me, live away from the Triangle area now and are wondering if this show will be worth the hassle to drive and get a place to stay and get the kids a taken care of and find a place for the dog and whatever whatever... the answer is YES. When you were younger you would! So just make it happen, you won't be sorry.

Seriously, when any of the bands we loved decides to play a gig you should make an effort to go see them. Certainly you can't go to every show. There have been a few this summer I have had to miss because of work, life, health. You just never know how many more chances you will get to see any of the guys from this era play together. If you are wondering how good they can sound just ask anyone who went to the March show at the Carolina Theater. It rocked. This one will too. At the last Cradle show a bunch of folks left early. It seemed like the "acoustic" fans bailed during the break. I would encourage all to hang for the whole show this time. It will be worth it... trust me.

If you don't have the Arrogance tunes in a digital format remember you can download them from Comboland Radio's Arrogance Store. I haven't sold very many of these so I KNOW you need them in your collection. Of course you can Arrogance an a slew of other great North Carolina acts on Comboland Radio.

Another of my very favorite bands is Terry Anderson's Olympic Ass Kickin' Team. The recently were featured in a "Sessions In Studio B" at Music.MyNC. Check it out! If you've never seen these guys live... well... you are wrong for that.

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