Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thinking Of Memphis

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Memphis is one of my favorite cities. I didn't discover the magic of the place itself until later in life, but have been a fan of the music that has come out of that place since I was a kid. Going there now one can only wonder what it must have been like to have been there when music history was being made. Country, Soul, R&B, Rock And Roll, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, all have a place in the music history of "The River City". Certainly great music could be heard but Memphis has had it's share of heartbreak and tension as well.

I think of Memphis this week because of two people.

First is Jim Dickinson who died last week. Musician, producer, he really could do it all. I'll point you to a couple of articles from folks who are better writers than I to tell his story. From the PowerPop blog and Steve Simels, and from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. What a life this guy had! And what an influence on the world of music too.

Second is Al Bell. This former disk jockey would later work at, then own, Stax Records. Now I do love me some Motown but Stax is tops for me when it comes Soul and R&B. I also get infuriated when I see a list of Motown artists that includes Sam and Dave and Otis Redding. So when a radio industry site I frequent noted that yesterday, 8/18, was the anniversary of the dissolving through forced bankruptcy of Stax I had to follow the link to a New York Times article about Al Bell. It is the story of how a great record company came to a sudden end, and about a great man who has continued to persevere. For anyone that thinks making music is all fun and games... read this. You'll be amazed.

Now... don't forget to listen to Comboland Radio for at least 2 hours a day, and tell all of your friends about it too!


  1. Moose, How does one get in touch with you? I can't find the link you refer to on the Comboland Radio Home page so I will try this. Saw a guy play play solo by the name of Alex Wilkins, his band is Tripp. One of their songs "Draw the Line" would be a good fit for the station I think. Reminds me of something you could hear in the Cameron Village Underground back when..... Check it out. The myspace version of the song sux but if you check out the cd i think you will like it. Great internet station. I listen alot. Keep it up.

  2. You know I thought an email address was in the "About Me" section. I'll fix that. If you go to the Myspace or Facebook pages you can contact that way. I don't have a direct link posted on the main website to reduce spam but it is there... somewhere... I think. I better check! I'll check out the song this weekend for sure.